Investment Property Lending.

I get it. Investment properties are complex these days. I’m here to guide you through the ever-changing requirements.

An investment property is the Kiwi dream.

While many countries around the world invest mainly in shares, New Zealanders prefer investing in property. It’s a tangible investment – one you can drive by and see. Historically, residential investments have performed well in terms of capital gains.

The lending can be complex.

With ever-changing rules and regulations, it can be difficult to know what property investment means for you. Lendal Mortgages is here to guide you through changes – including loan to value ratio (LVR) requirements and the differences between buying an investment property on your own, with a spouse or maybe your business partner.

I’ll help you think about...

  • Will the rental cover the loan (principal and interest) ?
  • How you can get finance if the rental won’t cover the loan.
  • How the bank will assess your rental property.
  • Do you need a property manager? And how do they charge?
  • What happens if your tenant leaves?
  • How to structure your loan.
  • Should the loan be through a trust / Look Through Company (LTC) / personal names?
  • What guarantees will the bank ask for?
  • Will the purchase affect your future borrowing capacity?
  • How many investment properties are required before the loans get treated as commercial loans.

Over the years I’ve seen many situations.

Each one is different. Whether this is your 1st, 5th or 10th investment property, Lendal Mortgages has the experience and knowledge to support you.

Want to know how I can support you with your investment property lending?

Tricks, tips and general info is good. But tailored advice is better.

Matt Carr | Owner | Lendal Mortgages